the Gerogerigegege (ゲロゲリゲゲゲ) - Senzuri Champion 改訂版 (CD)

the Gerogerigegege (ゲロゲリゲゲゲ) - Senzuri Champion 改訂版 (CD)

The first album, which has long been a collector's item, was released in 1987 after the debut of Masami Akita's ZSF PRODUKT in 1985, and is now being released in a revised edition with all unreleased versions re-edited.

The second track is a reconstruction from a take that was prepared as a second demo before the release of the first album, the fourth track is an uncut live performance at Toshima Public Hall on November 30, 1987, which was newly discovered, and the sixth track is a death dub industrial reconstruction. Filled with the best takes from among the existing takes, the beginning of the second song includes "LIVE AT TOKYO GAY CENTER," which ended mysteriously at the time, a sound source that even enthusiasts could not hear, plus the first participation of Gero 24, from Spain, and Gero 27, from France.


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