Nishino Chaotic-TSumeItai Konton No Kuni Normal Edition (CD)

Nishino Chaotic-TSumeItai Konton No Kuni Normal Edition (CD)

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Noise grind band Nishino Chaotic from Nakano, Tokyo, finally releases an album!

The last few years, together with cunts, Napalm Death Is Dead, Yurisuzukeru and others, I have been working on the Tokyo Noise Grind scene(?). The band has been active as a part of the "Kind of Music" group, but has only released two compilations (one of which was a download-only release) and a few demos. In addition, they have been saying that they are going to release a new album, but they have stopped releasing it before they know it.

The band whose release of sound sources has been questioned more than that of JAPAN finally pays tribute!

The band's sound is based on noisy and junky shortcut grind, but influenced by noisecore, D-Beat hardcore, fastcore, and power violence before the introduction of beatdown, and as the band name suggests, is the height of chaos. The band's 12 tracks include two mysterious tracks with old-school breakbeats by the masked noise-core unit "AVA" and unusually dirty-voiced raps.


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