Niigata's mutant Spore Spawn, 2nd album already!

In the short time since they finally released their 1st full-length album in 2019 and presented their own worldview and presence, they have already released their 2nd full-length album, which updates the trial and error of their previous work into something solid!

The affinity between the disturbing ambient, cut-up harsh, and the all-out screams and noisy voices that have been established in the past works is further accelerated, while the unforeseen and absurd developments that occurred in the process are sublimated as their own characteristics in all 5 songs!

The composition, which goes back and forth between the standard and the reckless, from the chaos of the first track to the suggestion of anxiety and frustration, is intended to be listened to as an album, which gives meaning to the release of the album.

Spore Spawn

Started activities in 2010.

In the early days, they used homemade instruments modified from home video game consoles, and their reckless behavior was the embodiment of their early impulses.

After that, he decided to abandon this method in order to specialize in the pure pursuit of sound, and he has since made a calm decision.

Currently, he makes full use of cut-up harshness with self-made effectors, metal junk, etc., screams that release everything he has, and noisy voices that incite uneasiness lurking in the depths, as well as various developments while overlapping disturbing ambient field recordings.

He consistently releases music on international labels and runs his own label, 16 Shots Per Second Records.

They have had successful overseas performances in Taiwan in 2018 and France in 2019.

After releasing his first full-length album "Dousekurunode" in 2019 and two cassettes on New Forces (US) and FOUL PREY (UK), he will release his second full-length album "Dakedokienai" as early as 2020.

01. Atarimaega 7:50

02. itsukanosonogo 12:40

03. Urusainemui 8:00

04. Emoiwarenu 5:30

05. Okitekisoude 8:14


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