Tentenko-Deep & Moistures (CD)

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"TENTENKO Playing alone"

14 tracks selected from independent label works!

TENTENKO" is an adorable electro-noise mutant who freely moves between genres and spaces.

Tentenko and Kaoru Sato have compiled a selection of tracks from the "Deep & Moistures" series of self-produced CD-Rs that have been released at live venues and through mail order.

The 100% handmade texture and somewhat humorous and human touch are the main attractions. A total of 14 tracks (including unreleased tracks) that convey inexhaustible ideas and an innocent spirit of challenge.

One of the CD releases to top off the 2028 calendar year is "Deep & Moistures: The Best of Private Tracks" by Tentenko, who embodies the new era of mutant pop. Tentenko has been releasing monthly CD-Rs of private works on his own label (Tenten Records), forming a collection of about 50 CD-Rs so far, and this CD release is from the popular "Deep & Moistures" series of over 15 CDs. This album is a compilation of 13 selected tracks, plus previously unreleased tracks, for a total of 14 tracks. Whether cutting into your brain with sharp heavy industrial beats, stimulating your internal organs with eardrum-thumping noise, or tickling your vital points with friendly and catchy riffs, ...... is a collection of 14 tracks, including 13 selected tracks and one previously unreleased track. The songs on the album, which differ from Tentenko's song-based works and live performances, were created using Casiotone, ring modulators, oscillators, samplers, portable synths, and other equipment, and were recorded in a home studio and produced for live performances and events. The album is composed of This is a definitive "one for the family" album that expresses Tentenko's style of activities that freely move between home recording and live performance spaces, as well as his flexible attitude as an artist!

In the image of "Tentenko" that changes day by day, it is a damp, deep psychological exploration of one's own probabilistic self. A time and place to face music. That is "Deep & Moistures".


These songs, with their strange resonance, heaviness, and sometimes distortion, sound pleasant to me, wistful and joyful.

...... Atsuhiro Ito


TENTENKO, the most adorable electro-noise icon on the planet, was born in 1990. Born in Hokkaido, Japan. Joined the idol group "BiS" in 2013, and started working as a freelancer when BiS disbanded in 2014. He has been active in a variety of fields, from singing idol style to track maker/DJ, electronic instrument player, and performing in the unit "ZVIZMO" with Atsuhiro Ito. He has been carrying all the "indie spirits" of Japan since the 90's. He has been described as "an avant-garde expressionist rich in variation," and his activities freely move between genres and spaces without sanctuary.


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