Jun Morita-SONUS NON CAPAX Infiniti (CD)

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Solo Orchestra with Modular Synths Volume II!
The long-awaited second solo album from Jun Morita, who continues to deepen his unique consistency as a modular synthesizer and DJ, will be the one to close the year 2020. Featuring a variety of guests including Madame Anonimo and Harumi Yamazaki, the album is a 78-minute musical picture scroll. Includes a first pressing limited bonus CD!
One of the Omega albums of 2020 during the COVID disaster is "Sonus Non Capax Infiniti," the second solo work by Jun Morita, whose first solo album "L'ARTE DEI RUMORI DI MORTE" released in 2006 attracted much attention. The solo orchestra, with an improvised automatic performance by modular synths at its core, is joined by a group of gorgeous artists, including Madame Anonimo, an anonymous lady who is over 70, Harumi Yamazaki, Kaoru Sato, flutist Miya, and voice Nadiah Sorait, who performs a 78-minute musical picture scroll. From the previous work, which gained a singular reputation as hyper-prose electronic music, to the unique and lame rhythm-making that perverts breakbeats, house, jazz, and world music ...... on the critical axis of the DJ method, and the mediation that transforms all acoustic elements, this album is a work of art that is both unique and unique. This work, which shows the musical development of modular synths as a child, is elevated to a global anti-originality.
At the same time, note the intense tracks "Dancing Pain" and "Modus Vivendi," both of which deal with the COVID disaster and modern history. This is an epochal work of the "turbulent 20s" revived in the 21st century. The title directly translates to "sound does not contain infinity" - a reference to the unique human auditory experience. In addition, a bonus CD of live recordings is included in the limited first pressing! The total length of the film is over 150 minutes.

Track List
Serenata (feat. Madam Anonimo)
Foment and Ferment
Poly-Free Music for Modular Synthesis
The First People (feat. Nadiah Sorait)
Der Sturm (feat. Miya)
Let There Be Acid
Dancing Pain ~ Itami wa odoru (feat. Harumi Yamazaki)
Habibi Breaks
Modus Vivendi Suite (Kaoru Sato and Jun Morita)

Jun Morita, Jun Morita
Committed to a wide range of world music, jazz, and electric sounds, he plays in clubs and hotels, and also travels abroad. He has played at clubs and hotels as a DJ committed to a wide range of world music, jazz, and electric sounds, as well as overseas. "Midnight Souq", "S?duction Tropicale", experimental "The Prince of Darkness He also produces music under the name blackmadras and has released remixes on OMAGATOKI and Village Music. He has also released a number of works. He is also highly regarded as a mastering engineer for rare vinyl reissues, and his reissues of José Antonio Mendes and others have been best sellers. He is currently active in live performances that combine improvisation with moduler automatic performance, and is in charge of music for the noise opera "Kaspar," planned and directed by Masahiko Akuta, to be performed in May 2018, together with Kaoru Sato.

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