RISARIPA × Viviankrist-Sugar & Salt (CD)

RISARIPA × Viviankrist-Sugar & Salt (CD)


A collaboration album by two people who once exploring electronics music as Gallhammer.

It should be not only the right to reaffirm the absence of Gallhammer at the moment and it is frustrated by the sense of loss. It is because the frequency of visiting the moment is narrowed on the day on the day, and it is a desire to be similar to the adventist that "Gallhammer needs now" is a desire for the times. As the signboard echoes that it is a woman, the strength of the activity and the strength of the music itself is preceded by the fact that it is a woman, and it is natural, but it is on the stage where most of the men occupy men. Locking the scene in Natural, it was unrelated that it was a princess or a bad feeling that it was a bad feeling, and it was difficult to rely. Everyone was surprised at Deal with everyone 's yearning Peaceville Records. If you look at the trajectory that sublimes the trajectory that sublimes the laste unique to the unique bruckend postpunk without tilting the axis, it starts from the garage-like dome punk, and it is more funny to have hope. Then a few years. The names that started walking each way will come back. I feel like Takayanoriko will return after 12,000 years. Oka Rinasai.

Duo, which has become the final form of Gallhammer, is currently changing the stage name Viviankrist and RISARIPA. It is not only the name and the environment that has changed. It is a synthesizer that both names play. Beyrit and Techno's relationship and Plastikman's tatu, FENRIS (DarkThrone) will be a nonsense to seek a sense of discomfort if you're an active fact that the DJ's DJ is active. It was not difficult to find Gallhammer to co-starning at the end of 2017, and two actually two people are defeated using electronics for only two people, it will be possible to understand this work one . It is a content such as the noise industrial that reminiscent of the initial SPK and NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, and whether to cross the LIES ROHIS / Techno, but there is a sophisticated high-quality scum (in contradiction) that is active in Sleepingbeauty and formic acid. Not), and the noise sensation and Impro characteristics of Vivian who rang even in Congenital Hell and meat slavery are moving, and it becomes happy. It is not forgotten that Dark Wave is completely different from the Cover Art and Titles on which VIVIAN will work, so you're a humor (personally who passes to Senseless ApoCalypse). Two people are not changing, and they have been making music that you want now to do now. I also want you to listen to the fans such as CrossBred-Synth Sisters, Carre, Tentenko. (TEXT: Chihei Kubota)


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