世界中の先鋭的アーティストがこぞって出演し愛される新宿落合のスペース「Soup」。 コロナウィルスの影響下で営業困難になっている本会場を支援するために過去出演経験のある国内外の新旧アーティストが集結!
マスタリングエンジニアはNobuki Nishiyama、そしてブックレットにはあのWilliam Benett(WHITEHOUSE/CUT HANDS)執筆によるライナーノーツ掲載!


Ochiai Soup is much more than a live venue. It is true enigma of safe haven for sound from all over the world to find comfort, pulverizing solace and focus. To those dreaming of playback reproduction accuracy and perfect dynamic range, it is "heaven on earth" to say the least. I have personally experienced this bliss and stress that this is the time like no other when we must rise up together in support of such a priceless institution such as Soup.

"Flowers in concrete" (a compilation for Soup) is an astounding, exclusive collection of customized compositions from Japan and international based artists that have come together to do what is right : HELP THIS PRICELESS VENUE !

Disc One (Side International) immediately blindsides with 14 stunning pieces. A variety of sonic approaches which NEED TO BE EXPEIENCED to be believed ! Standouts include BEING (my personal favorite), AARON DILLOWAY, SICKNESS, PURGIST and DANIEL MENCHE however ALL the artists on the first disc offer their own tailor made visions of challenging audio assembly. Exemplary work here by all and highly recommended listening. You can sense everyone took their time strategically and explored their own capabilities !

Disc Two (Side Japan) truly goes for "the creative and imaginative throat" with the most "next level" spectrum sound dynamics artist to artist. The BLACKPHONE666 and GC SKULL ELECTRONICS selections are utterly mind-blowing power. Each of these artists has truly defined themselves beyond description and the gradual maturity of each is critically evident. Top notch material also by GOVERNMENT ALPHA, KAZUMA KUBOTA, KAZUMOTO ENDO, LIKE WEEDS, PAIN JERK, LINEKRAFT, and the phenomenal SCUM really keep things colorized and transcending texturally and with pleasurable agonizing force ! Additional standout Wolf Creek just terrorizes the listener with their closing piece "Feeling of Imperative Stimmen". Excellent vision and attack to be sure. Easily one of THE BEST sound documents I have heard in many, many years !

To be sure, this could become a "book" if I were to discuss in detail all of the contributors here and go into their deep histories as artists and performers but the final word is HELP. HELP for Soup !
This is a massive undertaking of a release and every track within it is a potent "elixir" of individual, untainted expression.

Let us all see the light at the end of the tunnel. HELP SOUP. BUY THIS INCREDIBLE RELEASE AND SET YOUR MIND ON FIRE.

WOOD/BASTARD NOISE October 31st, 2020


Disc 1
01.Aaron Dilloway "Flesh Falls Away"
02.Being "Lawson"
03.Daniel Menche "Frequency Scraper"
04.Fecalove "Drinking gallons of sweat with shochu"
05.Kiran Arora "Split Neck"
06.Lasse Marhaug "Live at Soup (edit)"
07.Leah P "Slogger"
09.Purgist "Neon Flare"
10.Shredded Nerve "Game of Chance (A Moment Between Life and Death)"
12.Torturing Nurse "2 SOUP"
13.Unsustainable Social Condition "Soap"
14.VOMIR "Untitled for Soup"

Disc 2
01.BLACKPHONE666"deaf and dumb"
02.GC SKULL ELECTRONICS"Seibu Chuo Blasphemy -reprise-"
03.Government Alpha"Inscrutable Impatience"
04.Kazuma Kubota"Melodie en Sous-sol"
05.Kazumoto Endo"Immune To Fear"
06.LIKE WEEDS"People Like Us"
07.Linekraft"consume to feed a hunger"
09.PAINJERK Wracked and Ruined "See you soon guys"
10.scum "IL hallucination"
11.shikaku "Apathy"
12.T.Mikawa & John Wiese "SP1520"
13.Wolf Creek "Feeling of Imperative Stimmen"




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