Shinkiro – Archive: Volumes I - III (2CD)

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日本のアーティストManabu Hiramotoにより2003年より活動するダークアンビエントプロジェクト。2003-2007の音源"I.A.D.""Reflections Of Her Deepest Fears" "One"の3タイトルをリワーク、リマスタリングした2枚組再発盤。限定250枚。

Shinkiro is a dark ambient project from Japan, formed in 2003 by Manabu Hiramoto who dwells in organic isolation full of pulsating drones and elegiac solaris ambiances. Based on the old recording sessions in 2003 - 2007 this release captures the darkest and most beautiful moments of Shinkiro’s music: low-key synth textures merged with rhythmic cadences and slight distortions gradually unfolding roaming melodies, magnetic and cold undercurrents, ethereal epiphanies and ever present longing for the unattainable abyss. Three early unreleased albums assembled for the first time together manifest thrilling, oneiric and existentialist nature of Shinkiro’s nature exposed in its dark and cinematic mosaic: Japanese voice samples blended with strained piano parts, machinery industrial noises, ominous drones, ritual percussion, hypnotic hardware pads leading to the event horizon. Dissolve in the myriad of mysterious emanations towards colossal eschatological pleroma. Recommended for those who follow Lustmord, Apoptose. Amazing music is accompanied with an exquisite layout executed by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records) and produced as a 2CD edition in a 4-panel gloss-laminated Digipak limited to 250.

Label:Old Captain ?? OCCD42
Format:2 × CD, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition
Released:13 Jun 2018


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