Reizen-WORKS, 2020 (CD)

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Launched by PSF and Edition OmegaPoint and Tusk, etc. Continue to work in Tusk et al. Festival, and in recent years, experiment music house ATSUSHI Reizen's solo 2020, also known as a member of Label Event Collective "0 Ricket". Annual work.
From Italian label Senufo Editions.
300 sheets.

"Different velocity for damping instruments"
Recording with Electric Piano.
The motif begins to generate automatically from the point of viewing past four sounds. It slows down and distributed, and changes to another motif.

"Music for glass, plastic, rubber"
It looks like everyday objects change to music.

1. Different Speeds for Decay Instruments 24:20
2.Music for Glass, Plastic and Rubber 13:32


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