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Dead stock discovery! I made a little cheaper because there are some pain in the jacket.


90's Japanese NOISE LEGEND "MO * TE" is a US noise label Labylinth known in the release of Sloun and the RITA and the large masterpiece cassette that has been released in 1998 is reissued!
A cold brutal Hashnoy like how to listen to the ear and spirit of what you want. I do not want to be listened to such a unit! !
Limited 200 parts. Digipack specification.
Finland's Label freak Animal noise / industrial historical material recurrence line "Industrial Recolections" and a co-release with the Harsh Noys label "Audio Dissection" in Italy. Good luck!

Label: Audio Dissection ?? Ad20, Industrial Recollections ?? None
Format: CD, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Europe
Released: 2018


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