The masterpiece cassette album released in 2015 on Papa Records, a label hosted by Papa Big Papa, the drummer of kito-muzukumi rouber, has been re-released on CD by the cunts' own label, beside of your wife!

The cunts are one of Japan's leading super bands, rocking out with their crazy noise grind using only drums and voices, and they received an offer from Papa Big Papa to release their new album. The screams of FrozenPanty, a vocalist (profession: professional dog trainer) who has supported the cunts since 2003, run freely in all directions, and the beast like a rose (profession: patissier), who joined the band in 2011 as the fourth generation drummer, is a true miracle. The high-speed drumming that seems to destroy everything in Fuckin'A, their voices and drums intertwine as if they are seeking each other, and a miracle of miracles unfolds like an aurora borealis over the rainbow!

The cunts are preparing to record a new album in 20 years. Why don't you take a peek at the beginning of their epic story that will continue in the future...? (Text by FrozenPanty)


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