Kyousuke Terada, a Tokyo artist who is the guitarist of the punk attitude improvisation band HUH and continues to play in various musical units such as PRAYMATE, OBEY UNIT, and BAY CITY ROLAZ, and makes VJ, collage, and other techniques across a variety of genres.
 Terada's synthesizer solo first  physical album.

The extremely minimalistic, contactless sound that completes all tracks in the same runtime seems to be a collection record of the "phenomenon of oscillation". It is a piece of sound art with a sense of materiality that is different from the so-called HNW group. The binding, which looks like it could be placed in a museum, is also nice.

From the VLZ PRODUCT label of artist Ryo Matsuoka, known since the 00's for his expression using analog TVs as materials and gallery management, also known for his performances at BLACKSMOKER related events.

1.0466 03:38
2.0467 03:38
3.0468 03:38
4.0469 03:38
5.0470 03:38
6.0471 03:38
7.0472 03:38
8.0473 03:38
9.0474 03:40


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