PreparationSet-Perception (CD)

PreparationSet-Perception (CD)


preparationset's first full-length album, released 12 years after its formation! ! ! !

Ibaraki-based preparationset releases its first full-length album 12 years after its formation in 2008. The album features 5 songs including "stagnant", a benefit song for Ochiai soup in Tokyo, and "sound check", a song for the compilation "2020, the Battle Continues" in support of EARTHDOM, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo.

Preparationset's music can be categorized simply as reggae/dub. With hardcore (literally, hardcore) selectors and collectors, it is easy to find details that are to the taste of the experts. Nevertheless, this is not a group organized "to play reggae/dub" from the beginning. It is precisely the moments when independent perceptions and insights emerge as reggae/dub portraits that make this pack a preparationset.

Even today, when live dub has long since developed as an established style of recording art, bringing the mixing engineer's creativity to the stage in order to bring dub to a real-time performance, Battery is unique among bands in that he fronts the band. The heavyweight bass that liquefies the floor, the guitars that fill the space with a creamy mist, and the keys that are both chill and unsettling. A generally cold texture. In the background, all kinds of interests are at work, not only hardcore punk, hip-hop, jazz, noise, and ambient. In other words, the composition is of the same quality as the reggae/dub avant-garde of the post-punk/new wave period, and while it is by no means the latest phenomenon, it is clearly different from nostalgic "recreations". The difference probably stems from the band's formation process.

The album was recorded at Ochiai Soup, one of the band's home venues in Tokyo, with engineering by noguchitaoru, who has worked with Kukan Gendai and NISENNENMONDAI. Mixing was done by Takumi Otani of Music Plant, a music store/studio in Tsukuba, and co-produced by DJ/producer/engineer kanata lab of JACK KNIFE, a sound company in Tsuchiura. Mastering is done by a member of "Natsu no O△", known not only as a solo performer/artist but also as the founder of the label "Basic Function", which has released works by Kakuto Mami, Masanao (Muku Kobayashi + Mitsuru Tokisato), Akitsu Yuko, Yufuko Ikema, NRQ, Oshun, PALE Makoto Oshiro is also an engineer who has worked with COCOON, Satoko Shibata, and others. The artwork, featuring live photos taken at EARTHDOM, was created by designer OSUSI.

Credit - Oshiro

Recorded by noguchitaoru at Ochiai soup 05.26.2019<.br> Mixed by Takumi Otani (Music Plant), kanata lab and preparationset.

Mastered by Makoto Oshiro.

Produced and arranged by preparationset.

Design by OSUSI<.br>kutchan | keyboard, siren.

SEXY SAD I | guitar.

SIVA | bass.

yoshitsugu | drums, live processing.


Facebook | @IP333

About the Artist

Based in Ibaraki since its formation in 2008, the band has performed with AIWABEATZ, BREAKfAST, BUTCHER ABC, COFFINS, THE DEAD PAN SPEAKERS, ECD, FRAMTID, KEIJI HAINO, I DON'T CARE, Kenny Knots, KILLER-BONG, L K?O, Kazunao Nagata, DJ NOBU, Memories Yaro A Team, O.N.O (THA BLUE HERB), RANKIN TAXI, SxOxB, she luv it, Satoko Shibata, SOUL DIMENSION, SOUL FIRE, spike shoes, SUPER DUMB, UNHOLY In 2012, he opened for the great Lee `Scratch' Perry.

SEXY SAD I is also active in the hip-hop field as a DJ/trackmaker. SIVA, who has played in hardcore bands and is a selector of authentic ska/rocksteady and reggae/dub, and yoshitsugu, who works with Atsuhiro Ito, Black Phone 666, and Taichi Nakura in LETTERS, are both members of the sound "BARAK". KUTCHAN's life's work is angling. In 2012, he released a split 10′′ vinyl with ZENOCIDE, and in 2015, he is working with ANAL VOLCANO, CARRE, CHAOSMONGERS, ENDON, FILTHY HATE, INCAPACITANTS, ISTERISMO, ZENOCIDE, along with Taichi Nakura (In 2020, he released his first full-length album "perception" from "AVE | CORNER PRINTING.


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