REIZEN -Different Speeds(CD)

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レーベル・イベントコレクティヴ"0奏"のカタログナンバー榮えある001はファウンダーの一人であるアーティストAtsushi Reizenのソロ作。
2018年のJohn Wiese来日公演@Soupでも披露してくれた柔らかい音像のミニマルな作品を収録。最小限の音数と音と音の「間」の操り方が素晴らしいフル尺で体験してこそ真価が得られる一作。BUY!



Reizen | Different Speeds

"While the work is exceedingly limited in its acoustic range, if you give yourself over to the sense of instability created by the constant variance of the intervals between the two sounds, time seems to elapse in a blink of an eye. As a whole, rather than its acoustic qualities, the series demands that you listen closely to the expansion and contraction and interrelationship of time that is created in the spaces between the sounds." (quoted from liner notes by Haruyuki Suzuki)

The CD comes in a handmade binding, with letterpress printing.

1. Different Speeds No.4 - 28:51

Composed by Atsushi Reizen
Recorded & Mastered by Nobuki Nishiyama at Soup, Ochiai, Tokyo
Art Direction and Designed by Miho Ino




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