Black pipe (KUROPIPE) -10 € (CD)

Black pipe (KUROPIPE) -10 € (CD)

$6.00 $8.00

The 1st CD of Tokyo-based new wave art hardcore “Kuropipe" is in stock!


The band is also one of the residents of the famous Kurobikariyu event, and has been creating unintelligible mayhem at their live shows with many performance members including stuffed animals, dancers, pole dancers, noise artists, etc. This is their only solo sound source currently available after 11 years of planning and one week of production.

Fifteen tracks, most of them less than a minute long, full of fast-moving, echo-drowning vocals and teasingly aggressive guitar riffwork, and it's great! Great content.

I took this opportunity to watch again the video of their appearance at the Swiss festival LUFF 2014, and it was still great, because it didn't make sense.

The front art is by master collage artist Kosuke Kawamura and comes with a sticker designed by knzdp.


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