TRIADOF13TH - Suisou to Kuma(CS)

TRIADOF13TH, if you want to speak on their behalf as a label that hates sales pitches, was formed in 2020 by a group with a history of activities such as ENDON, AKBK, JDOW, Macrochord, extremeOBSN, Vampillia (support), etc. They are a trio active mainly in Kokubunji, West Tokyo. Following their first album, "MA'GARIKA "DONIOI "Y_UME/NOYORU," which was independently released in September 2021 and gained a lot of attention, their second EP is now available on cassette with a DL code [...]. The EP is available on cassette with a DL code from dotsmark.
The A-side is a re-recorded version of a song from the 1st EP, and the B-side is an entirely new song, "Hunter" and "Play" The band's music is hardcore punk with rock manner and freshness like green grass, dirt-rushing speed, and dust.
It is limited to 100 copies, available only at the band's live shows and direct sales on the label.

Band Profile

Formed in 2020
A Japcore band without content, rethinking the relationship between music and magic realism in the punk rock field, which has been done by BLOWUP and others.
Gt/Vo Koki Miyabe
Ba/Vo Atsushi Hayashibara
Dr/Vo Yuki Tanaka

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