Abisyeikah-Observation about Air (CD)

Abisyeikah-Observation about Air (CD)


The band's many performances, where lo-fi/nonsense, nastiness, and depth of thought coexist knee-to-knee, the two-match progressive style that is impossible to analyze, and the thoroughly underground and homemade terroristic sound have earned them a lot of silent and enthusiastic acclaim. Noise" unit Abyshaker. This is their 4th original album and their first pressed CD/regularly distributed album.

If you don't pay attention to them now, when will you?

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Formed in 2004. Hiding out in Gunma~Gyoda~Koenji~Roppongi~Shibuya, they have been consistently playing shows and releasing new material.

Since their debut, they have advocated "gore grind" and "noise grind," and have repeatedly expanded or misunderstood these keywords to create extreme music, noise, and performance art.

He has performed at real underground events wherever he has been invited, and has performed with such Japanese punk/rock giants as Tsunematsu Masatoshi, OH MY COW! He has performed with gachinko noise/electro-acoustic groups such as Fuyama. In addition, he collaborated with artist Mirai Moriyama at the collaboration with a certain artist at CHITTA Kawasaki, and has had the opportunity to perform with artists from all scenes and countries regardless of genre, industry, career, overground or underground.

In 2012, he released a 3-way remix album with JESUS OF NAZARETH and KUSARI GAMA KILL from "GRINDCORE KARAOKE", a label run by J.Randall, a member of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBREED in USA.

In 2013, his live video was highly acclaimed by UK beatbox champion "Beardyman", and he gained international attention.

He has also received respect from Australian Horrer core/Break core "Passenger of shit" and is planning to participate in his V.A. project and produce a collaboration work with Passenger of shit & Abyshaker.


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