Origami SWAN-Traditional Kaiju Violence (CD)

Origami SWAN-Traditional Kaiju Violence (CD)


The first album by Origami Swan, a three-piece band formed in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada, consisting of guitar, keyboards, drums, and triple vocals.

The band's soundscape is a roaring, seven-colored sound that has something in common with Discordance Axis, Pain Killer, Merzbow, John Zone, Venetian Snares, and many others. Death/Black Metal, Grindcore, Breakcore, Emo, Noise, Industrial, Psychedelic, and more. The strange vocals, power electronic vocals, freaky riffs, shifting keyboards and noises, powerful and high-tension drums, and unintelligible song structures are all covered with miscellaneous sound effects. What they have achieved with this album is "chaos without reason," as if a new species of amoeba were indiscriminately extending its tentacles, indiscriminately taking in all things, and growing into something new. It is the same kind of madness that exists in contemporary Japanese subculture, and thus Origami Swan resonates with Japanese culture, from the band name and song titles to the artwork, which is inspired by, and pays homage to, the Japanese culture.

Included: Origami Swan special origami paper (swan), interview leaflet with Origami Swan.



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