Organisation Toth ‎– The Occult Bloodline(CD)

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Old Europa Cafeからもリリースのあるフレンチ・リチュアル/インダストリアル、3年ぶりとなる2019年アルバム。

"ORGANISATION TOTH is back with a new Soundtrack in the Occult Tradition of the first recordings.
The first part of the album begins with a more modern and industrial electronic sound like the tracks "Holy Land" or "Fallen Angel".
However the second part of the album explores a more spiritual and dark-ambient musical vision with the songs "Aurora" or "Unholy Alliance" dedicated to the Light of the Morning Star.

From Darkness to Light... Ritual Music(k) for Ritual People!"

Label:Steinklang Industries ?? SK125
Format:CD, Album, Limited Edition
Released:20 Dec 2019



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