Masked Diode-Central Erosion CHUSU SHINSHOKU (CDR)

Masked Diode-Central Erosion CHUSU SHINSHOKU (CDR)


Tokyo's Power-Electronics / Industrial Unit, this work is a three-piece sources of the three-piece singlet next to the sound source "Masked Diode" from German L-WHITE. Sound making to be lively and meat tricks to the area of ​​the listener paradise with the agitation and roughing in Japanese. JAPANESE P.E / Industrial heresy.
All 4 tracks, A3 posters, cloth patch enclosed.

Masked Diode ---------------------

The Japanese Industrial / Power Electronics Unit THAT Started Activity in 2005.
They released "Dojin no shinkeisen" in 2005 and showed Existence of their Own to a Listener.
They Released CDR From Open Wound (UK) AND L-WHITE (GER) Afterwards. "CHUSU SHINSHOKU" is their 4Tracks CDR Released IN 2010 by [...] Dotsmark (JPN).
The Nervous Electronic Noise That Eliminated Excessive Decoration,
A Japanese Text Full of Irony and Metaphor.The Agitation That Is Hard Core.
Their Style Is JapanSe Original Power-Electronics / Industrial From 00's.
They Call Own Style "Hardcore Electronics".


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