Since the start of his full-fledged activities in 1994, he has continued to explore the various possibilities of electronics while repeating aggressive releases, live performances, and overseas tours, and is currently pursuing the ultimate form of EXTREME MUSIC while consistently and thoroughly adopting the HARSH NOISE STYLE. The last original full-length album released by Kyosuke Yoshida a.k.a. Government Alpha in the 00's!

A's harsh noise, which runs rampant at the high sound pressure and volume that Government Alpha prides itself on, depicts the landscape of the "Seventh Continent" that mankind dreams of at the end of nihilism.

Includes a special plastic case jacket with full color on both sides and a collage work leaflet with 3 sheets/6 types of collages created by GOVT.

Total 7 tracks, 48 min.


EXTREME HARSH NOISE project by Kyosuke Yoshida solo.

Around 1992, he began producing sound sources for the purpose of creating experimental sounds by recording at home, and in 1994, he started full-fledged activities for HARSH NOISE production under the name Government Alpha.

In 1995, he made his debut with the compilation CD "Extreme Music From Japan" released on the "Susan Lawly" label of WHITEHOUSE, a leading UK power electronics label.

Since then, he has been actively releasing new works and performing live, and has toured overseas 7 times (as of 2009).

While performing and collaborating with artists from a wide range of genres, they have continued to explore the various possibilities of electronics, while keeping the theme of what the ultimate sound is.

Their unique style of constructing noise sounds with a rock-like musical sensibility, and their dynamic live performances full of high tension and physical action are highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.

Xerxes, the label on which Government Alpha is released, has released not only its own sound sources but also those of noise artists from around the world, now numbering more than 80 titles.

He is also highly regarded for his jacket artwork, which he started at the same time as his label activities, and has provided many of his works to other artists for their album jackets.


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