Bruno Duplant - Quelques Usines Fant?mes N°3(CD)

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quelques usines fant?mes n°3 は、不確かな「間」、つまり身近な環境と自己の内面との擬似的なバランスを取り入れることによって、従来の時間軸の規範を守りながらも無視するものです。内なる戦いか、永遠のリンボか?この録音でブルーノ・デュプラントは、時間の減速をさらに探求しているようであり、まるで目に見えないものを限りなく分析するかのようだ。静と動が交錯する瞬間の中で、沈黙は意図的に時間と空間の隙間の重さを語り始める。きしむ音、折れる音、その他の運動反射を優しく調和させることで、どんなに繊細であっても、中枢神経系を落ち着かせ、刺激することを意図したリスニング体験となるのです。フランス映画や70年代のSFを彷彿とさせるような、かすかな残響音と顕著な残響音が、このレコードの中で蛇行している。低音は、燃え尽きるのに時間がかかるほど魅力的です。




Modern life is full of sudden unexpected turns. quelques usines fant?mes n°3 both observes and ignores the norms of traditional time signatures by letting in an uncertain between-ness, a quasi-balancing of our immediate surroundings with the inner self. An internal battle or an eternal limbo? On this recording Bruno Duplant seems to further be exploring a slowing of time, almost as if to boundlessly analyze the unseen. Within passing moments of static and pulse the silences deliberately begin to speak volumes about the weight of any gap in time and space. The way he gently blends creaks, snaps and other motor reflexes, however subtle, make for a listening experience intent on calming and stimulating the central nervous system. Thoughts of classic French cinema and 70’s science fiction flood the mind via the faint and pronounced reverberations that snake through this recording. The lows are transfixing, taking sweet time to burn out.

In a nod to one of his influencers, Luc Ferrari, Duplant has locked into an opaque, simulated dream state in a way that is wholly tangible, surrounding you with every tiny moment. Though there’s something irrational happening here, as if observing one’s stream of consciousness in real time. This circumambient sense of place falls away as scale and scene seem to languidly flux organically. In one moment the listener may experience a certain synaesthesia, perhaps aboard a jettisoning rocket miles above the ozone, and the next in deep contemplation amid a wide-open landscape. This constant massaging of the sedentary state is in a word, hallucinatory.

TJ Norris, May 2020

Label:Flag Day Recordings ?? FDR45
Format:CD, Album
Released:07 Aug 2020


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