Forkboy ‎– 1993 - 1999(CD)

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AC/DC、Dead Kennedysへの愛から生まれ、20代の鬱憤に駆られ、猛烈にロックで、ギタギタのギターとフィードバック、象の糞のように重いリズムセクション!90’sフィンランドのパンク/ノイズ/ロックの隠れた逸品。300枚限定。

"A fork is a cold shiny tool / To pierce, tear and ingest / Whoever has the fork in hand / Controls the meal of its choice." The opening lines for the Lard song, "Forkboy" which in turn gave the name for an Oulu-based quartet formed in 1993. Born out of love for AmRep noise, AC/DC, Dead Kennedys and driven by twenty-something angst, Forkboy recorded three demos and one previously unreleased session during their 6 year existence and it's all documented here on one disc. Furiously rocking songs packed with gritty guitars and feedback, rhythm section heavy as an elephant turd and as the band puts it, "lots of shouting". The original recordings have been carefully restored and remastered by Pentti Dassum and the sleeve features original artwork and photos by the band along with liner notes. If you were there during the late 90s noise rock craze or if you have only recently discovered its splendour or if you just have a boner for hidden gems of Finnish punk/noise/rock, this CD is for you! Standard jewel case with full colour sleeve. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Label:Arkisto ?? ARK-01, Kaos Kontrol ?? K\K 018
Format:CD, Compilation
Released:09 Mar 2012


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