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テキサス・ハーシュノイズ神Richard RamirezのプロジェクトWEREWOLF JERUSALEM2018年リリース作。200部限定。

The Nightmares continue on with Richard Ramirez’s trademark tradition of Giallo influenced static noise terror. The contextual direction of this album puts the senses through a state of disturbing ‘calm’ by taking on its own story of a ‘horror movie’. The frequent and sudden shifts of sound variations, samples of female shrieks, movie dialogues, static walls, pulsating buzzes, low frequency drones and textural noise layers of tightly spaced crackles sounding almost like one complete tonal resonance, and the sudden blast of explosive harsh white noise make this the most appropriate accompaniment to an environment of terror. The constant evolving and low growling frequencies and dynamic audio elements deliver that shocking atmosphere of sheer violence and skin crawling anxiety.

1) What Did You See Or Hear? (14:02)
2) Abandoned In Darkness (Nightwalkers Theme) (8:55)
3) Geist (2:38)
4) Kurtadam (1:55)
5) Blackbirds (5:10)
6) The Phantom Farmhouse (Producer ? A Week Of Kindness) (12:29)
7) There Shall Be No Darkness (Nightwalkers Theme II) (3:45)

? CD in Jewel Case
? Limited Edition 200 Copies

Label:4iB Records ?? 4iB CD/0817/034
Format:CD, Album, Limited Edition
Released:04 Sep 2018


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