Kazuma Kubota / Mei Zhiyong -Session June.12.2016 (CD)

Kazuma Kubota / Mei Zhiyong -Session June.12.2016 (CD)
様々な層から支持を集めるノイズ・アーティストKazuma Kubotaと、近代中国ノイズの最重要人物メイ・ジヨン。

Kazuma Kubota the noise artist who is gathering support from various strata, and Mei Zhiyong the most important figure of modern Chinese noise music. This piece of work is the live recording of a 2016 studio session that came about from a chance encounter of the Japanese and Chinese modern noise artists. It is a collaboration of a high purity that fuses together the synchronicity, which can be felt from the two artists' solo work, as a tight and hard noise. I think this is an important piece that presents the current Japanese and Chinese noise. limited edition of 300 copies.
Kazuma Kubota:

スピードとブレイク感溢れるノイズと 美麗なアンビエントドローンサウンド、フィールドレコーディング等によって構築された繊細かつドラマチックな作風でノイズリスナーのみならずエレクトロニカ、シューゲイザー、ハードコア他あらゆるエモーショナルな音を求めるリスナーからの支持を集める。
2013年に米ノイズレーベル"Ninth Circle Music"から1stフルレングスアルバム"Dis-connected"をリリース。
同じく2013年に初の国内流通作品として"Two of a Kind"EP/CDを国内レーベル"[…]dotsmark"からリリースし、即完売。
Ototoyでの美川俊治氏(非常階段/INCAPACITANTS)との対談や豪Night Science誌でのインタビュー掲載、英WIRE誌でのレビュー掲載等、国内外メディアで注目を集めている。
2016年8月には米国オハイオ州デイトンでのノイズ音楽フェスティバル"Amplified Humans Festival"にヘッドライナーとして招致される。
2017年、米国Amethyst Sunsetより"Utsuroi"LP(Reissue)をリリース。

Kazuma Kubota:
The harsh noise artists that are active in the heart of the metropolitan area. He gather the support from listeners who seek out the delicate yet dramatic composition style constructed by noise that is filled with a sense of speed and breaking, a beautiful ambient droning sound and field recording etc.; as well as from those besides noise listeners, who seek electronica, shoegazer, hard core and all the other emotional sounds.
In 2013, He released him first full length album "Dis-connected" from the American noise label, "Ninth Circle Music".
Similarly in 2013, he released the EP/CD "Two of a Kind" as their first domestically distributed work from the"[…]dotsmark", which sold out immediately.
he have been gaining attention from domestic and international media for their conversation with Mr. T.Mikawa on Ototoy and publication for interviews in the Night Science magazine and the Wire magazine etc.
In August 2016, they were invited as the headlining act for the "Amplified Humans Festival" in Dayton, Ohio in USA.
In 2017, they plan on releasing their LP record "Utsuroi"(reissue) from USA's Amethyst Sunset.

Mei Zhiyong:

Mei Zhiyong:
Meizhiyong is China's most important international noise experimenter and hardware noise instrument DIYER.He is also active in independent film and photography, etc. Meizhiyong thinks that noise is the carrier of breaking all the rules, only impaling nothingness will real make you get rid of the contradiction between voice and body, between body and mind.The sign of his performance is the strong acting style and the electronic musical Instruments transformed by hacking and circut-bending. Meizhiyonghas already toured in Europe and Japan successively since 2014.He is now becoming the new blood of the noise and the experimental music in Asia.
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