V.A. ‎– Real Japanese Underground 2008(3CDs)

V.A. ‎– Real Japanese Underground 2008(3CDs)

1-1 –My Last Regret Forever Scarred
1-2 –My Last Regret Plague Angel
1-3 –Thrasher Solomon's Devils
1-4 –Xodus Sister Blasphemy
1-5 –Xodus Obscene Church
1-6 –ネオクラ職人  It Should Be...
1-7 –Elen 荒野の手首
1-8 –Velforest. Velforest.
1-9 –Velforest. あの鐘を鳴らすのは私
1-10 –Akira Death I Like It
1-11 –Akira Death トラックで秋葉
1-12 –Utero Zzz Aaa Looser
1-13 –Utero Zzz Aaa 廃人
1-14 –Utero Zzz Aaa Atama (Your Soul Never Die Ver)
1-15 –Utero Zzz Aaa 摩苦路死
1-16 –撲殺少女工房  Electro Blastro 3
1-17 –撲殺少女工房  Brutal Shoujo Kurasu
1-18 –The C.K.N A Violent Emotion
1-19 –Sub-69 (From 2501) Breakcore Mix
1-20 –Zero 2 A Lot Of Death Idol Not Sicco
2-1 –Completed Exposition Incompetence
2-2 –Black (29) All This From Me
2-3 –Zenands Gots 焦燥
2-4 –Zenands Gots 雷神
2-5 –零 -Zero- 魂ヲ解キ放テ
2-6 –Despised Position Biwako Grinding Violence (Ver. Like Poor Punx) 〜 Violent Stomachache (Ver. Kill Freaks) 〜 March Of Despised Position (Haha Fuck Metal Shitter) 〜 This Is Not Underground!! (For You) 〜 Outro (From "Audition")
2-7 –Endon Remission
2-8 –The ひゃくたたき  大量殺人システム
2-9 –The ひゃくたたき  悲しいかな
2-10 –死人観音 Genocide War
2-11 –死人観音 鉄女
2-12 –死人観音 Sun Truth
2-13 –Disconnexion No Weapon
2-14 –Disconnexion Fuck The Religion
2-15 –Devoid   Despair
2-16 –Red Ran Amber Dimitri
2-17 –Red Ran Amber 数術式
2-18 –ボッキデストロイヤー #1
2-19 –ボッキデストロイヤー #2
2-20 –ボッキデストロイヤー #3
2-21 –Impotence Trichomonad Mazochist Elegy
2-22 –Impotence Trichomonad Bukkake Bondage Bukkake
2-23 –Impotence Trichomonad Oral Command Irrumatio
2-24 –Symmetric City Bungalow A Stomach Stomach Clock
2-25 –Impotence Trichomonad The Corner Of My Room
2-26 –Impotence Trichomonad Ugly Naked Guy
2-27 –秋桜 Evil Has No Boundaries
Written-By [Cover] – Slayer
2-28 –秋桜 Butchery
2-29 –Deathtar Seven Deadly Sins
2-30 –Dreadnote Necrodiabolica2
2-31 –Dreadnote Oman-Anal-Bleeding
2-32 –Dreadnote OVUM
Guitar – Thrasher
Producer – Sintaro
2-33 –DOD Wrist Cut
2-34 –へびーめたるにーそっくす Masochist
2-35 –Suicide Garden いんとろ 妹萠
2-36 –Suicide Garden 破脳
3-1 –F9V Empty.....My Heart.....
3-2 –Snowline Amped_08
3-3 –(((Amnesia Channnel)))  Ft. Ken  Decency Defied
3-4 –Dogma 13 Bonnen
3-5 –屋根裏食堂 黄泉路の果て
3-6 –Abarenbow Teng Drop Dead
3-7 –でらくし 二○○八年七月十二日
3-8 –Zr3a Scum Brahman
3-9 –Aural Fit Sativa Effect
3-10 –R.A.N. Prolapse Of Rectum And Anus, Capitalishit!!
3-11 –Soma 結界
3-12 –Farewell Song 聴いてわかるロックン☆ロール入門 Re Edit KSK - Misty I'll - N!N!S!!
3-13 –Farewell Song Diehard Bolze
3-14 –アビシェイカー Beast Of Pops -全てのマザーファッカー共に捧ぐ-

Label:Lost Rivers Product ‎– LRP-22.23.24 CD
Format: 3CDs
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