V.A. ‎– Real Japanese Underground 2006 (3CDs)

V.A. ‎– Real Japanese Underground 2006 (3CDs)

1-1 –Deco-Soul Negative 855
1-2 –Deco-Soul Fight Song
1-3 –Deco-Soul Fast-Lost
1-4 –Dahlmasick Black Phobia
1-5 –Bare Bone Sledge The New Degeneration
1-6 –Top Suicide Thank You
1-7 –Top Suicide Proof
1-8 –群青 その先は?
1-9 –群青 無言の重圧
1-10 –Vicious World Alone In Oblivion (RGTE)
1-11 –Vicious World Disgorging Foetus (RGTE)
1-12 –Indefinite-Noise Image
1-13 –Bastarbation Ism?
1-14 –5cm Assholes ウルトラ断層フェミニン
1-15 –Geranium リルラリルハ 〜Noise For Kaela〜
1-16 –Geranium Wine Of Glad
1-17 –肉奴隷* 12/11-05 @ Zher The Zoo
1-18 –Deathlike Silence Crawl
1-19 –Lostless The Game
1-20 –Lostless Flash Point
1-21 –Lostless Rings
1-22 –Lostless Distance
1-23 –Lostless Grave
1-24 –Lostless Blaze
1-25 –Lostless 朱い餞
1-26 –Fuck Me Please... (Untitled)
1-27 –Spacegrinder LxAxNxZ
2-1 –Crossbred Help Her From Nothing World
2-2 –Dopper Cocks Body Crusher
2-3 –Dopper Cocks Fezer
2-4 –Te:ch/a/os:mosis End Time
2-5 –月依 伊佐立奈牟
Performer – 桜井真樹子, うすいプー
2-6 –Mother 嫌な赤
2-7 –Dead Crime Dead Crime
2-8 –Dead Crime HCB
2-9 –Dustpan 中落ち
2-10 –Dustpan マスメディア (Indigesti)
2-11 –Suicidead Bloodlust
2-12 –謹成祝花Solo 水玉のふるさと
2-13 –Amnesia Channel* Tremble Corridor
2-14 –アビシェイカー レッサーパンダNG (Live)
2-15 –ラリベラーズ 脱出困難
2-16 –ラリベラーズ ラリヶ丘の戦い
2-17 –ラリベラーズ アゴがバナナ
2-18 –ラリベラーズ ポンポン
2-19 –ラリベラーズ かわいい子
2-20 –ラリベラーズ 食器をたたいて
2-21 –Thee Suicide Splooges Varg Vikernes
2-22 –Thee Suicide Splooges Vomit Piano Demon
2-23 –Thee Suicide Splooges Amezing Noizy Fes
2-24 –Thee Suicide Splooges Noise Of Classroom
2-25 –Thee Suicide Splooges Ghost Dust
2-26 –パイパン・エンジェル Pin-Pai Stream Liner
3-1 –Zillion Life Is Bondage (More Bondage Mix)
3-2 –Papaconia The Cellular Phone Changed Into Shit In The Lavatory
3-3 –Papaconia Asshole Children
3-4 –Papaconia Miracle Onanism Policeman 〜Boy Who Drinks Up Sadistic Water That Smells Obscene
3-5 –Papaconia Erotic And Grotesque Wizard
3-6 –Papaconia Prison Rape
3-7 –Papaconia Disagreeable Face By Which Fly Free Loaded
3-8 –Papaconia Super Sonic Urination
3-9 –Papaconia Juvenile Beaver Is Infested With Maggots
3-10 –Absurdgod Xedge
3-11 –ぼーぼーず 蛇
3-12 –くるぴの こんちゃん
3-13 –くるぴの ぼんてーじ
3-14 –くるぴの 暗い裂け目
3-15 –Nationstate 沈む創痍
3-16 –Disdomestic Violence Intro
3-17 –Disdomestic Violence Grief
3-18 –Convict 闇が深く沈む
3-19 –Convict 意志からの再生
3-20 –Convict 存在の証明
3-21 –お肉 Rotten Sirloin
3-22 –Aiz The Gate Of Eternity
3-23 –R.A.N. Regular Astigmatism Negativefeedback
3-24 –Mindweaver For R.K.B
3-25 –Euphrate Mar
3-26 –Grind D.C.P.S. 願いの果て
3-27 –Grind D.C.P.S. 深層への憧憬
3-28 –Grind D.C.P.S. Transient Daily Life
3-29 –Grind D.C.P.S. 浅き夢と共に
3-30 –Grind D.C.P.S. ゆらぎ -Ai-
3-31 –Sete Star Sept Intro
3-32 –Sete Star Sept Drum Sorrow
3-33 –Sete Star Sept Killer
3-34 –Sete Star Sept Improvisation
3-35 –Sete Star Sept Morbid Garden

Label:Lost Rivers Product ‎– LRP 015 CD / LRP 016 CD / LRP 017 CD
Released:Dec 2006
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