Sloth ‎– A Whole Other World Of Fun AKA 13 Songs 13 Samples(CD)


The first At War CD release is finally out!! Ohio's SLOTH have been creating some of the most fucked up, weird, funny music of the past 10+ years and this is their first ever CD full-length album! Known for split records with bands such as Corrupted, Grief, Floor, Upsidedown Cross, Noothgrush etc etc, this album sees Sloth in a much more musically diverse frame of mind than usual. The painful sludge noise is still there but there's an altogether more considered approach. There's piano on it for fuck's sake. Weird lo-fi songs that sound like they were written by a fucked up kid mix sit happily with garage rock high end jams and tar pit slo-mo doom dirges. The "13 samples" are bang on and the humour is as bizarre and hilarious as ever.
Full CD (NOT A CDr) with full colour 4 page booklet, drawn by artist-in-chief Uberneecie and coloured in by a group of five year olds from Glasgow.

Label:At War With False Noise ‎– ATWAR018
Released:Nov 2007
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