(9/23ON SALE)CONTROLLED DEATH - Selected Evil and Death Works 2018-2019(CD)

(9/23ON SALE)CONTROLLED DEATH - Selected Evil and Death Works 2018-2019(CD)
CONTROLLED DEATH - Selected Evil and Death Works 2018-2019
CD/6Tracks/4Panel Papersleeve

1. Evil Discharge (pt.1&2)
2. Evil Discharge (pt.3&4)
3. Untitled
4. Black Lucifer Rising
5. Death Trip
6. Prayer For a Holy Death

Maso Yamazaki aka MASONNA, who started working in 2017 Raw Black Electronics Project.
Black Death Noise and Evil Vocalization with a theme of "Death". The sound is filled with a sense of unease and tension are smells of death in the pitch blackness.

Recorded in 2018-2019 and released on three international labels in analog format in 2019. The three released titles "Evil Discharge" Flexi (Oxen Records ), "Black Lucifer Rising" Cassette (Deathbed Tapes), "M.A.S.O.N.N.A. / Controlled Death - Compilation of "Split" Cassette (Trapdoor Tapes), plus 2 unreleased songs This is the first time to be recorded on CD. The mastering engineer was a Peace Music's Soichiro Nakamura has been involved in many projects for Japanese underground rock musician such as Yura Yura Teikoku and Boris. The main artwork was done by Jun Konagaya (GRIM). A new direction of Maso Yamazaki, one of the most representative talents of Japanese noise, is budding in a new unit. This is CONTROLLED DEATH's first japanese domestic release.

2017年に活動を開始した山崎マゾ aka MASONNAのロウ・ブラック・エレクトロニクス・プロジェクト。

2018-2019に録音され2019に3つの海外レーベルからアナログフォーマットでリリースされた3作品 "Evil Discharge" Flexi (Oxen Records)、"Black Lucifer Rising" Cassette (Deathbed Tapes)、"M.A.S.O.N.N.A. / Controlled Death - Split" Cassette (Trapdoor Tapes)をコンパイル、更に未発表2曲を収録し初CD化。マスタリングエンジニアにはゆらゆら帝国、Boris等日本のアンダーグラウンド・ロックを数多く手がけるPeace Music・中村宗一郎。メインアートワークは小長谷淳(GRIM)が手がけた。山崎マゾというジャパニーズノイズを代表する才能の新たな方向性が萌芽する新ユニットCONTROLLED DEATH初の国内盤である。
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