Princess Army Wedding Combat-UFOCatcher (CD)

Princess Army Wedding Combat-UFOCatcher (CD)

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00 's Handmade White Solvent Gaku is extremely fierce and strangely furnic sound and a legendary presence, US OTAKU-driven Noise Core powered up to the style with Breakcore plenty of breakcore! & Apparently a long time physical release!

This also a split "Lolita Space Pirate Noise Party" with Grooyzo from Goray Bell Facial-Matter Discorporated, who was getting enthusiastically supported by a route that is too unique to the Route It is a unit that collected overwhelming support among some of the tenders, etc. Above all.

Release from Japan's Label Haizai Audio, all 26 songs.

※ Can batch distribution end

Label: Haizai Records
Format: CD
Country: Japan
Released: 2018


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