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Cold Spring's Justin Mitchell enrolled UK Industrial "Satori" and a collaboration between noise artist / sound engineer Lorenzo Abattoir based in Italy.

Ukrainian Old Captain and US Malignant Records Joint Release. Digipack limited 300 parts.

Old Captain (Ukraine) and Malignant Records (USA) offer a great collaboration of two famous musicians: Satori (UK) and Lorenzo Abattoir (Italy) "Aether" is the globe made of infinite tiny components:. Small cogs of shining gold, cobwebs of the finest platinum wires, balances and fulcrums made of wood and precious stones sprinkled like rose petals throughout;. densely packed machinery regulating and controlling every small detail, creating cause and influencing effect The sounds of chaos and order, ritual and redemption filled the sphere of the album like a mist, the Aether, hung over the surface accumulating sparks of fire and swirls of darkness underneath to roil and tumble like an approaching cataclysmic storm. Formed in 1982 and saturated in the industrial and power electronics culture Satori released music on the Legendary Broken Flag and Tesco Org Germany in the '90's, Toured with Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring) and Neil Chaney (Pessary). "Aether" is its ITS New Statement of Intent of T he original member Dave Kirby. Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer whose work takes shape in a context of underground extreme music to become accessible through various projects related to contemporary art including Psicopompo with German composer Hermann Kopp (4IB Records) , Mare Di Dirac, An Electro-Acoustic Collective (Dusktone Records) and A Collaboration with Phurpa. A 300 B / W Glossy Digipak Edition with A Great Front Cover by Seals of Blackening.

Format: CD, ALBUM
Country: Ukraine
Released: 04 Mar 2017


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