Black pipe (KUROPIPE) -Relectric Kakei (CD) (CD)

Black pipe (KUROPIPE) -Relectric Kakei (CD) (CD)


Singular point group of domestic music and stage expressions from Tokyo to the world from Tokyo without belonging anywhere in the existing

Sounds that combine new Wave madness and speed feeling of hardcore punk, and how to live in modern society and the people who live here, it will draw a lot of difficulty with a humor mixed metaphor. Five sixth pure children of the World Situated as a guest vocal.
Cover Art will be a key person of the Hiroshima alternative culture, and the artist's leaves, the band logo design is known for the takamito Motoshi, which is known for the cover illustration of the outlative magazine, such as a real story knuckle, the title logo design is a loneliness of the terrestrial site. I started with Liao Yen-Wei.
The first version of Lot is a Silk Scream-printed France Direct Report 7 Inch Size Paper Jacket Specifications for each of the full-scale cooperation of the Press Art Group of France Malseille. K / A / T / O Massacre Arranged Liner Notes by Kato and Jakarta Based Movie Director Adythia Utama.


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