カルフォルニア、スコッツバレーを拠点に20年超のキャリアを持つ画家/音響作家。アメリカンノイズの伝説的ユニットBlister Packのメンバーでもある。豪快にぶっ放す荒涼としたハーシュノイズ。

Based out of Scotts Valley, CA, Emerson Murray is a multidisciplinary artist who has been exploring powerful and abstract forms of expression for over the last 20 years. Beginning in the early 90s, Murray collaborated with Nik Weisend in the crucial Americanoise project Blister Pack, which saw releases on Mother Savage Noise Productions and Murray's own Plague In Perspective label. After taking a hiatus from noise following the disbanding of Blister Pack, Murray recently returned to recording works under his given name that continue where Blister Pack left off, creating primal expulsions of burning and abrasive textures that sound to the listener as if the noise itself is engulfed in a raging inferno. "Three Girls" is no exception to this statement and is a landmark for future documents from this American noise pioneer. Murray is also an accomplished visual artist and is currently working on an ongoing series of figurative abstract paintings that explore color, form, and depth. For more info, visit Edition of 100 copies.

Label:Skeleton Dust Recordings ‎– SDR048
¥ 900

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